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Using a Calorie Calculator is a successful and easy way to lose weight

If you're trying to lose weight or maintaining now you've reached your goal, using an online Calorie Calculator on a daily basis is a great way to measure the energy (calories) you consume and the energy you use up during your day-to-day activities. You can then easily see if you're staying within your targets in order to achieve your weight management goal.

Nutracheck uses the tried and tested Calorie Calculator approach, combined with an easy-to-use online food diary - an approach recommended by doctors and dieticians. What's more, you can access Nutracheck online, on your mobile, or by downloading our iPhone app.

What does the Calorie calculator & food diary service include?

The Nutracheck online Calorie Calculator has one of the biggest food databases in the UK, with over 300,000 food and drink products. Plus you get an easy-to-use food diary to keep track of what you've eaten throughout the day. Register online in a few minutes to find out your personal calorie requirements along with an exercise target. Our 5-day trial allows you to use the Calorie Calculator free of charge, so you can check out the benefits before subscribing.

How does the Calorie calculator approach to weight loss work?

By using the Nutracheck Calorie Calculator and food diary, you can check what is in the food you regularly eat, and ensure you stay within the personal calorie targets you've been set. When you set up your profile online, you'll be given a 'Goal Weight' date. Providing your stick to your daily calorie targets and also increase your activity level to try and burn the additional calories shown, this is the date you should achieve your goal by.

What is different about the Calorie Calculator from Nutracheck?

With over 300,000 products in the Nutracheck food and drink database, it's important that you can find the item you are looking for quickly and easily. By typing the description into the Calorie Calculator, it produces a list of results - from which you can quickly find what you're looking for. Once you've found your product, simply add it to your diary and your daily calorie target will be adjusted - much easier than trying to calculate the point's value of foods.

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