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Our super fast calorie counter and food diary website has some ingenious extras which will make it even easier to achieve your weight loss goal.

Emotional eater? Knowledge is power!

Bored? Fed-up? Feeling down? Our moods and emotions can influence what we eat. Understanding this better can help keep your diet on track and our 'Food Triggers' feature will help you change these behaviours.

When you add a food to your diary you can 'flag' it with an 'emotional' or 'situational' trigger. This helps identify unhelpful patterns and gives you practical tips to manage better next time.

Relax. Take it easy days

We all have days when we just go off track but that doesn't need to throw you into a panic. Relax - we've got it sorted. Just adjust your target for days when you need a few more calories, like weekends.

Reports - any way you like them

If the last report you had was at school, take a look at our food reports which give you personalised updates from your food diary. You can choose what information you want whether it's the number of calories burned, or your top 10 low fat foods, it's all there.

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Our weight loss measures

At Nutracheck we know that weight is just one weight loss measure - so we offer 8 different measurement options.

Maybe you want to fit back into a favourite pair of skinny jeans or party outfit. Keep track of your progress with over eight measurements - and remember, you don't need to share if you prefer not to.

Unique 'virtual weigh-in'
- only on the website

Share your success with your fellow Nutracheck members without leaving home. Save the time, inconvenience and cost of attending a weekly diet club by using the Live Club Weigh-in. It's a virtual class weigh-in! Choose your avatar then join the queue with other members to stand on the scales. (Private weigh-in also available)

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