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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 28 Jun 12

Can I lose 3lbs a week with my exercise schedule?

Hi, I play 5-a-side for an hour a week and go on a home twist stepper 3 times a week for 20 minutes would you say this counts a light exercise and if I follow my calorie intake do you think I could lose 3lbs a week? Thanks

Our expert says...



The once a week 5-a-side and 3xhome twist stepper sessions would count as light exercise for a given week and 4 bursts of exercise over 7 days is reasonable so well done. The calorie targets the website set (based on your variables) are designed to help you achieve ½-1 pound a week of REAL fat loss, as accelerated ‘weight’ loss can be a false economy (as it isn’t always fat) and is often unsustainable by the body. If you were going to aim to maximise your weekly fat loss you would also ideally need to up the exercise / physical activity to daily metabolic bursts to promote a bigger and constant calorie deficit everyday.


Sometimes we may lose more lbs one week compared to another and this is common and natural at times where the body is adjusting to our nutritional and exercise changes. Stay consistent and your weekly fat loss will be optimised for amount and consistency over time to get you to your goal.


Hope this helps,



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