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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 10 Sep 12

Could this weight loss be slowed by me building muscle?

Hi, Is there anyway you can look at my exercise for the last week and see if it is possible that I have built any muscle? The reason that I am asking is that I only had a 1lb weight loss in week 1 - I know it is a loss and I feel OK about it but just wondering if you think it is possible that my exercise has maybe reduced the actual weight, which I wouldn't mind! If not perhaps you could give me some advice on how to exercise more efficiently.......to helps speed up my loss I have emailed the nutritionist too to ask about intake.... Thanks, Kerry

Our expert says...

Hi Kerry,


Realistically, I don’t think muscle tone adaptation have contributed significantly in the result of your week’s 1lb loss. Muscle tissue development is not something that occurs with such a speed as to affect weight loss dramatically in a given week. Also, a 1lb loss is the higher end of what is recommended in terms of actual fat loss so it is likely that the majority of that loss is from actual fat stores, which is excellent!!! You should be proud of the effort you are putting in and this week’s result.


I would recommend you carry on with what you are doing, as it appears to be working but also always remember the following principles for optimising the benefit of exercise on fat loss:


- Get variety in your exercise schedule – different exercise machines, gym programs, classes, DVD’s, whatever it looks like but just keep the body guessing.


- Intensity is everything – make sure you always try to push yourself, work hard, get your heart rate up as this means more calories burned in a given workout but also more in the following 12 hours post workout due to positive impact on the metabolic rate.


- Try to do something active everyday – even if it isn’t exercise, keep moving! A walk at lunchtime, a dance around the lounge, taking the stairs and not the lift are just a few examples. It all counts!


Hope this helps,



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