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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 27 Apr 12

Does low fat mean I can have more?

I love the Pinkberry fat free yogurt. Because itÂ?s low fat does that mean I can have a full medium sized tub (approx. 400g) and not spend too many calories?

Our expert says...

Thanks for your query.

I'm not 100 per cent clear if I'm interpreting your question correctly, so do bear with me and come back if this isn't what you wanted!

Essentially though, I think you are asking if you can have more of a particular brand of  yogurt (one that you've added manually to your diary) because it's fat free.

The answer is that you must always go on calories eaten, as this is the crucial factor to control in a weight loss diet. So if if there are 400 calories in a 400g serving (as you diary suggests), and that's the amount you've eaten,  then this is 400 calories that you've already used up of your total daily
allowance  (1,400 calories) - leaving you 1,000 left to spend for the rest of the day.

I hope this helps, but if I can be of any further help, please get back to me.

Best wishes



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