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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 25 May 12

I lost 7lbs last week, but this week have gained 1lb - why?

Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice please. Last week I had loss of 7lb and this week I have gained a lb. I have recalculated the calorie intake and noticed that I had put that I was moderately active in leisure time which I am not really apart from the 200 kcal I burn for this so set it to lightly active which has recalculated the calories from 1700 to 1500. Do you think this was the problem and now I will start to lose again? Thanks x

Our expert says...



Thank for your query. Disappointing as it is to have put a pound on after such a magnificent loss (only usually experienced at the beginning of a weight loss program), I think a better way to think about it is that you have lost an average of 3 pounds a week over the last two weeks.


Such a rapid weight loss can be a bit of a “shock” for your system, which is why your body can respond by trying to hold on to its fat reserves. Also it’s absolutely normal for weight loss to be a bit erratic with ups and downs, which can be due to hormones, the salt content of your diet or even if you’ve been to the loo or not!


I don’t think that 1700 calories is too much for you, but I do think that reducing to 1500 to more accurately reflect your activity levels will help to kick start the weight loss again, yes. However do bear in mind that plateaus will happen as they are par for the course I’m afraid! You must not feel disheartened as you are doing very well indeed and should continue to tell yourself so!



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