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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Janet Aylott

Posted 18 Jan 13

Just started with the diet, eating well, but constipated?

I've just started with Nutracheck about a week and have managed to lose a few lbs. However I have felt a bit constipated this past week. I'm eating plenty of fruit and veg, and drinking plenty of water so why is this happening?

Our expert says...

Going to the toilet is about getting rid of waste from the body, and keeping things moving through. The volume of waste that you produce is directly related to how much food and drink is being put in in the first place. When you start on a calorie controlled diet, the first thing that we tend to do is to cut down on the amount of food that we eat - so even though it sounds like you're having a really healthy diet, with plenty of fluids and fruit and veg, you're probably eating less 'bulk' than you used to.


Things like fruit and veg are low in calories because they are made up of a lot of water - up to 90% - so when they are digested, there's not much left for the body to get rid of.


So going every other day is a perfectly normal response to a calorie controlled diet, and we would expect your volume of waste to decrease.


As long as you're not feeling bloated, your stool aren't too hard and you feel otherwise well and full of energy, there's really nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work with your food and drink, and you'll see the results very soon.

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