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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 26 Nov 12

What counts as a 'step'

Could you please help me, I am trying to find out what is classed as a 'step' I have had two different answers to this from different sources. One is that right and left foot is moved forward, one foot is just a pace or stride. The other is that one foot place forward on the ground is classed as a step. Thank you very much. Regards Susan

Our expert says...

Hi Susan,

Based on my understanding of pedometer mechanics, they use the sensing of motion / impact to gauge its measurements and based on this, each time a foot would move forwards and make floor contact, it would count as a step. This is the same way in which a pedometer worn during an aerobics class counts a jump on the spot as a 'step' as it senses the motion / impact.

This is not to say that every pedometer works like this as technology is changing all the time, and all brands vary in structure and accuracy. If you want to be sure of what definition is right for your pedometer then I would recommend putting your pedometer on and then walking 100 steps. Once you have counted 100 steps, stop and have a look at your pedometer. If the number given is relatively close to 100 then you know that your pedometer does follow the traditional 'step' method and also that it is relatively accurate. Obviously if your pedometer comes out closer to 50 steps then it would suggest otherwise.

I hope this helps.


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