Menopause top tips from forum members

Emma White - Nutritionist | 21 Oct, 2021

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As many of our members have either been through or are currently going through the menopause, we asked you to share your advice with us. There were some really useful tips shared, so we’ve compiled all of these below for your reference.

Top tips!


The hot sweats started way after I'd finished my periods. I was so uncomfortable I consulted a GP who prescribed Oestrogen Gel which I rub onto the skin on my thighs twice a week. It's helped a lot as the flushes are less frequent.


I stopped drinking caffeine apart from one cup first thing then decaf coffee, decaf green tea and water for the rest of the day. If you smoke, stop that if you can as well. I have been cig free for 3 years now.

I added things like flaxseed, walnuts and almonds and other foods that contain tryptophan (helps with your mental health) such as broccoli to my diet as well.

Exercised more, cardio but strength training as well which is thought to be good for those in our 50s to maintain muscle mass and also for the feel good endorphins.

Lots of relaxing lavender, jasmine and patchouli baths before bed.

I am also a big advocate for mindfulness, and I found that very useful for the anxiety anger that would come from nowhere and even though I could hear what was coming out of my mouth, I really had no control over it and then would end up in tears because that just isn't who I am.


I did some research and decided to tackle things with vitamins and minerals, discovering Marilyn Glenville was a turning point. I started taking all sorts of natural things and after about a year took the plunge and stopped taking the HRT. My periods had stopped and I was feeling good, over the years I've changed the vitamins, minerals and herbal stuff around depending on the symptoms.


Dr Louise Newson has a wealth of information available. Also Pahla B Fitness has great exercise videos for menopausal ladies.


I had dreadful achy hips when I started on my drugs. My nurse suggested cod liver oil with glucosamine and after about 6 months the pain had lessened a great deal – worth a try.


There is an app called Balance where you can track your menopause symptoms, which can help you to see if you should seek additional help. I think it’s NHS endorsed. I feel empowered, forewarned and I’m putting plans in place, so things hopefully go smoothly.


Just a reminder it's not just hot flushes & heavy flows. Mine is perimenopause & it's the lack of confidence, anxiety & self-doubt. Things that did come naturally all of a sudden become difficult, normal work things are full of heightened anxiety. That is, I think, awful as you become half of yourself - please recognise that you are not losing the plot your body is in control at the minute.


I’m 44 yrs old and for the last 16yrs I’ve been going through peri menopause had all the symptoms, cold sweats, bad brain fog etc, kept asking my doctor could I be going through the menopause they kept saying ‘no you’re far too young’. It got to the point of having to change my bed at least 2 to 3 times a night due to the sweating and my mental health was going downhill fast. Then I’d had enough and literally demanded that something needed doing. I’m on hormone patches now and I couldn’t feel any better, still have odd flashes but not as bad and it feels like my whole system has been rebooted. I feel wonderful and the weight is slowly coming off so please please keep telling your doctor if you have symptoms it isn’t nice going through it at all.


I think at menopause it's about the quality of food you eat, rather than the quantity. Don't overeat, don't eat rubbish, don't undereat. Treat your body kindly.

Nutritionist Emma White (ANutr), MSc Human Nutrition is passionate about how food science applies to the human body, and how the nutrients in what we eat affect us and ultimately have an impact on our health.

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