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Between us, we have a range of nutrition, sports science and food degrees, as well as personal experience of weight loss. We are well qualified to support members on their weight loss journeys and our biggest motivator is seeing people achieve their goals. Get in touch anytime. Ask us anything.

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With the backing of health professionals

The support we provide is evidence-based and backed by experienced industry experts. Exclusive to App & Web membership, you have access to Nutracheck's nutritionists (not included with App-Only options).

Dr Ian Campbell MBE

Ian is one of the UK's most respected experts in obesity and weight loss and Nutracheck's medical advisor. In consultation with Ian, we ensure the approach we use is in line with current research.

Dr Janet Aylott

Janet is a doctor in nutrition science and was previously a company nutritionist for Nestle UK.

Emma Brown & Amy Wood

Nutritionists Emma Brown (ANutr), MSc Human Nutrition and Amy Wood (ANutr), MSci BSc Nutrition, are passionate about helping members to understand how diet affects long term health. Their aim is to educate people about good. to are passionate about helping to educate members about good nutrition and how it benefits their long term health.

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