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Nutracheck App for
mobile and tablet

  • Free App when you buy a Website & App membership online
  • Scan barcodes and update your food diary in just 2 clicks
  • Automatically syncs with the Nutracheck website

How the App works: 3 easy steps

  1. Scan the barcode
  2. Tap on a serving size
  3. Add to your diary and see the calories tot up

For items without barcodes, just tap in a few letters of the product name, and you'll get a full list back to choose from - with photos or logos. It's that simple.

Instantly updates all your devices

Your data syncs across all your devices so your food diary is always up to date the moment you open the App or sign in to the website.

The App can be used completely independently - however the website offers many extra features to help you.

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