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Maria lost 13st184lbs83kg

"I've lost 13 stone184lbs83kg and can fit in 1 leg of my old gym trousers!"

Maria's story

William lost 10st 7lbs 147lbs 66.6kg

"I have since been off all medication and completely reversed my type 2 diabetes."

William's story

Nina lost 10st 4lbs144lbs65.3kg

"I have so much more energy now."

Nina's story

Elaine lost 10st 2lbs 142lbs 64.4kg

"I'm 68 and have never felt better!"

Elaine's story

Kim lost 9st 7lbs 133lbs 60.4kg

"It's a marathon, not a sprint!"

Kim's story
Chris J

Chris J lost 9st 8.5lbs 134.5lbs 61kg

"I can now go in to a clothes store and easily find my size on a rail"

Chris's story

Dayle lost 9st 12.4lbs 138.4lbs 62.8kg

"Perfection isn't key, consistency is. One bad day doesn't undo everything you've done."

Dayle's story

Amber lost 7st 7lbs 105lbs 47.6kg

"I'm so much happier now and much more confident. I'm doing things I wouldn't have done three years ago."

Amber's story

Steve lost 7st 1lb 99lbs 44.9kg

"Nutracheck turned out to be the most important find of my whole journey."

Steve's story

Lee lost 2st 8lbs 36lbs 16.32kg

"I walk three miles every day now, and I walk tall and proud, whereas before I'd be hunched over and hovering along."

Lee's story

Hayley lost 6st 2lbs86lbs39kg

"I used to be a size 22/24, now I'm a comfortable size 10/12."

Hayley's story

Chris lost 8st112lbs50.8kg

"Nutracheck gave me the knowledge to take that control."

Chris's story

This week's top review:

This app is brilliant. The cost is beyond reasonable & it has every food I eat and tells me how much of it to eat. Good recipe ideas of food I will actually enjoy plus all the exercise I do is calculated to exactly what I’ve burned and it adds that to my daily calorie deficit. I can finally see the light as I was in a very dark place. So grateful to my sister for recommending this app to me.

Written on: 08/07/2024 on the App Store by JNC08.


Dawn lost 9st 1lb 126lbs 57.1kg

"I'm a different person now. I'm so much happier."

Dawn's story

John lost 9st 3lbs
129lbs 58.5kg

"I feel so much happier now and actually like how I look when I catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window."

John's story

Vanessa lost 6st 5lbs 89lbs 40.4kg

"I feel like a totally different person!"

Vanessa's story

Shirlie lost 3st 11lbs 53lbs 24.04kg

"I started nine months ago, and I haven't looked back - I love it!."

Shirlie's story

Chloe lost 7st 11lbs 109lbs 49.5kg

"I also feel so much healthier in my body and in my mind."

Chloe's story

Holly lost 4st 9.6lbs 65.6lbs 29.7kg

"I've noticed a huge mental shift in terms of my wellbeing, which has benefitted my life in so many ways."

Holly's story
Tracey E

Tracey lost 7st 11lbs109lbs49.4kg

"My diabetes is now in remission"

Tracey's story

Alison lost 8st 4lbs116lbs52.7kg

"I can breathe, run and I can do all the activities with my children that I couldn't do before!"

Alison's story

Karl lost 6st 8.6lbs 92.6lbs 42kg

"I now feel great and have so much more energy"

Karl's story

Katharine lost 5st 13lbs 83lbs 37.6kg

"I don't hide in baggy, black clothes anymore and I've even worn shorts!"

Katharine's story

Annette lost 10st140lbs63.5kg

"For the first time in my adult life I'm a normal BMI"

Annette's story

Elin lost 9st 7lbs 133lbs 60.3kg

"I feel like a different person"

Elin's story

Khloe lost 4st 9lbs 65lbs 29.5kg

"The difference in myself is surreal. I am now a confident woman, which I have never been before."

Khloe's story

Tracey lost 7st 98lbs 44.5kg

"Set realistic goals! It is so important to make these achievable it gives you a big boost when you hit those goals!"

Tracey's story

Bryce lost 5st 70lbs 31.7kg

"I am much happier with the direction my life is going"

Bryce's story

Samantha lost 6st 10lbs94lbs42.6kg

"I have mental clarity about my life."

Samantha's story

Karen lost 5st 2lbs72lbs32.7kg

"I feel proud that I have achieved this weight loss."

Karen's story

Craig lost 5st 2lb72lbs32.6kg

"I feel amazing... honestly changed my life for the better!"

Craig's story

Janet lost 4st 5lbs 61lbs 27.7kg

"I can walk now into a shop and pick up what I want!"

Janet's story

Joanne lost 5st 7lbs77lbs34.9kg

"The biggest achievement has been reversing my diabetes and lowering my cholesterol."

Joanne's story

Cherry lost 3st 1.5lbs43.5lbs19.7kg

"I am actually excited to go abroad this year and buy new clothes for the trip!"

Cherry's story

Tracey lost 6st 9lbs 93lbs 42.2kg

"It still makes me smile everyday knowing I can pull anything out and it will fit."

Tracey's story

Kay lost 5st 70lbs 32kg

"You have to do it for YOU"

Kay's story

Janet lost 4st 7lbs63lbs28.5kg

"I learned what a correct portion size looked like."

Janet's story

Leigh lost 5st 7lbs 77lbs 34.9kg

"I feel like a new woman. My confidence is shining through once again, which has been a long time coming."

Leigh's story

Steph lost 3st 7.8lbs 49.8lbs 22.5kg

"I was extremely determined this time and with the help of the app it’s been amazing."

Steph's story

Amy lost 4st 56lbs 25.4kg

"I feel happier, more confident, energised and excited by how far I've come."

Amy's story

Karen lost 7st 7lbs 105lbs 47.6kg

"I have my sparkle back"

Karen's story

Claire lost 6st 0.5lbs84.5lbs38.3kg

"I feel 20 years younger. I'm fitter now than I was at 21."

Claire's story

Ally lost 3st 10lbs52lbs23.6kg

"I have noticed I sleep better and have far more energy."

Ally's story

Judith lost 4st56lbs25.4kg

"I'm now the slimmest I've ever been."

Judith's story

Emma lost 3st 10lbs 52lbs 23.6kg

"I feel great! I have a lot more energy to run after my daughters and I feel more confident."

Emma's story

Shaun lost 5st 70lbs 31.8kg

"I have learnt a lot from calorie counting though, so I am hoping the maintenance will be much easier this time around"

Shaun's story

Nadia lost 3st 12lbs 54lbs 24.5kg

"I can shop in places I couldn't previously and I don't immediately look for the biggest size."

Nadia's story

Samantha lost 3st 7lbs 49lbs 22.2kg

"It's amazing. I never thought I'd be slim again."

Samantha's story

John lost 3st 1lb 43lbs 19.5kg

"I tried it for a week and became hooked."

John's story
Alison and Martin

Couple lost 13st182lbs82.5kg

Alison & Martin - 'It has taught us both that this isn't a "diet"

Alison & Martin's story

Rachel lost 3st 2lbs 44lbs 19.9kg

"I have so much more energy, need less sleep and I am so much more confident."

Rachel's story

Rob lost 3st 9lbs 51lbs 23kg

"I feel proud when I think of the transformation."

Rob's story

Marie lost 4st 10.4lbs 66.4lbs 30.5kg

"The best thing however is the improvement in my confidence."

Marie's story

Sarah lost 4st 56lbs 25.4kg

"Seeing the dress sizes dropping and my fitness levels going up & up is giving me the motivation to maintain this lifestyle."

Sarah's story

Neil lost 5st 1.8lbs 71.8lbs 32.8kg

"I'm now a weight that I'm happy with"

Neil's story

Dani lost 5st 4lbs74lbs33kg

"The App sounded too good to be true - but it works. I don't think I'll ever be without it on my phone."

Dani's story

Paul lost 3st 4lbs 46lbs 20.9kg

"People say I look 15 years younger!"

Pauls's story

Richard lost 4st 7lbs63lbs28.5kg

"I have more energy and just generally feel better about myself."

Richard's story

Anthony lost 8st 5lbs 117lbs 53.1kg

"I have so much more energy and it has completely changed my lifestyle."

Anthony's story

Joy lost 5st 4.5lbs 74.5lbs 33.8kg

"I honestly feel amazing"

Joy's story

Katie lost 3st 12lbs 54lbs 24.5kg

"Nothing is leaping out to me too much - maybe just I feel so much better in myself."

Katie's story

*Weight loss is individual and your personal rate of loss may vary from any case studies shown on this website.

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