Rose's tips to successfully maintaining

22 Jul, 2016

Rose, 68 from Southern Ireland has lost a total of 2 stone 7lbs. She initially lost 2 stone with our service, reaching her goal in September 2012. Rose then decided to change over to our calorie counter and food diary service Nutracheck in May 2015, and has now been maintaining ever since.

Rose shares her tips on conquering the challenge of maintaining!

1. How did you find the switch from losing weight to maintaining weight?

I did this gradually. For instance if I was allowed 50 grams of dry rice or pasta I upped it to 60 grams for a week. The same with potatoes and bread. Small increases that gives your body time to adjust.

2. Did you continue to use your food diary when you switched to maintenance?

Yes and I have never really stopped! The diary is my insurance of staying on the straight and narrow. Apart from holidays or occasional family occasions which are difficult to work out, I fill it in all the time.

3. How frequently did you initially weigh yourself?

I weighed in weekly, always on Sunday morning as that was the day I started.

4. How long have you been maintaining your weight?

I have been maintaining since September 2012.

5. Do you still use your food diary now?

Yes, like I said it is my insurance.

6. How often do you weigh yourself now you are 3.5 years into maintaining?

I still try and weigh in weekly (on Sundays), always on the same scales I started on. I know it's accurate as I have been weighed at the Doctors and hospital on different occasions. If I miss weighing in on Sunday I do it as soon as possible after i.e. Monday or Tuesday morning.

7. What would your top 3 pieces of advice be to someone who has recently reached their goal weight?

rose oconnor4

Carry on as you have from the start, basically eating exactly as you did before but increasing the portions slightly. In other words don't suddenly jump from 1400calories per day to 1900! Increase by about 100 for the 1 st week, weigh in, and see how it goes. If you are still losing increase by 200 per day the following week. It gives your body time to adjust.

Continue to weigh and measure your food, remember it is a new way of life and you never want to go back to what caused the weight gain in the 1 st place. Use the recipe builder; once you have entered your recipe and number of servings, it is so easy to add to your diary. Try and cook from scratch as much as possible, especially "one pot" meals. It is so easy to make four portions, use what you need and freeze what you don't use. You soon build up a stock and itis so handy on a busy day. Also check out the member's recipes, there are loads on there that you can save to your folder.

Keep up the exercise, apart from helping to keep the weight down and keeping you toned, it makes you feel so much better in yourself. Choose one you enjoy, but do try something new from time to time.

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