Weight Wobbles

Steve Marshall | 30 Jan, 2016

It's exactly ten months since I woke up to find that I weighed in at 85kg, decided that that was low enough and that it was time for maintenance to begin. A couple of weeks after that I had drifted a bit lower (to 83.5kg) and it's that weight that I now count as my 'target weight'. This morning I weighed 82.6kg, and so everything seems to be going well. BUT...

...nobody should think that this has been a stress-free easy ride! My weight has wobbled around quite a lot - it has dipped down to about 81.5kg four times, and has shot up to about 85.5kg four times, and up to a worrying 86.8kg on one occasion. So in ten months my heaviest has been over 5kg (11 pounds) more than my lightest. As any good DietGeek should, I thought I would look back at how quickly some of those weight gains happened, and what I managed to do about them.

  1. Gained 4.3kg (9 pounds) over 12 days in May, on a self-catering holiday in Norfolk. It then took 22 days to lose that weight - a very worrying time.
  2. Gained 2.4kg (5 pounds) over 13 days in July, on a working holiday at a hotel in Wales. On returning, it took only 10 days to lose 3.7kg (8 pounds).
  3. Gained 2.7kg (6 pounds) over 12 days in October, again working in Wales, but including big birthday celebrations. It took 24 days to lose that.
  4. Gained 3.7kg (8 pounds) over 14 days in November, working away in Plymouth and St Albans. It took a whole month to lose that lot!

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this, but let me give it a go:

A. It seems to be telling me that deep in my new trim, healthy-BMI frame, the old fat Steve is always lurking, ready to make himself known when I am away from home. Quick gains of half a stone are not little blips!

NB. I can get rid of these gains, because I have learned how to eat in order to lose weight. But I need to get back on that pony as soon as I get home, and I need to apply myself very seriously. I have to lose a weight gain quickly, because if the next stay away comes before I've lost the excess weight, then I will put on another few kilos. And then old fat Steve will start to inflict a lot of damage, and I will have to beat him off with a very big stick!

Steve lost a massive 10st with Nutracheck. He now regularly writes about how he maintains his weight loss.

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