Nadia's story

Start weight
14st 7lbs
Nutracheck weight loss
3st 12lbs
Current weight
10st 9lbs

How much weight have you lost and how long did it take?

I have lost 3st 12lbs54lbs24.5kg in around 16 months.

What prompted your decision to lose weight?

My partner saw a video on TikTok about Nutracheck and we were both tired of overeating and putting more and more weight on, so we thought we'd give it a try. I'm a fussy eater, so every diet I'd tried before failed. I got it into my head that there were good and bad foods. For example, eating salads will always make you lose weight, and eating chocolate will always make you gain weight; neither of which are necessarily true. After joining Nutracheck, I have learned so much.

How did you hear about Nutracheck?

My partner saw a video about Nutracheck on TikTok.

Has your weight stayed fairly consistent over the years, or have you always had to manage it?

I used to be quite slim, but then I put on weight and was overweight for a number of years.

Have you experienced any health improvements?

I feel a lot more fit. I am now able to walk without getting out of breath and I just feel healthier in general.

How easy was it to fit the changes you made into your lifestyle?

I found the lifestyle changes very easy, I don't find calorie counting difficult at all. I don't weigh every single thing I eat like some people think you would have to. I mainly go by what it says on the packets and what they state unless it's something that needs weighing like chips, rice, cereal etc. that aren't already divided into portions. I still lose weight by scanning and tracking my items in the app.

What was the most difficult thing about your weight-loss journey?

At the beginning of the journey, I was getting used to having smaller portions but that's only because I used to overeat so I was having very big portions beforehand.

How do you feel now compared to before?

I feel so much more confident in myself and I love going clothes shopping. Before, I would hate it and hide away or wear clothes that weren't very flattering because I didn't feel confident enough.

Any notable milestones to report?

My most notable milestone is that I can shop in places I couldn't previously and I don't immediately look for the biggest size.

What 3 tips would you give to anyone who has weight to lose?

  1. Calorie counting gives you the knowledge and freedom to be able to lose weight in a way that suits you as an individual.
  2. Don't demonise food and eat what you like as long as you're within your calorie allowance.
  3. If you want more calories, walk more steps. You don't need to do impossible gym workouts. Just keep it simple and you will achieve your goals.
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