Nicki and Daniels's story

Nutracheck weight loss
6st 8lbs

Nicki has lost 4st 1lbs57lbs25.9kg and Daniel has lost 2st 7lbs35lbs15.8kg – making that a combined loss of 6st 8lbs92lbs41.7kg!

What was the trigger that made you both decide to lose weight?

We had slowly gained weight over a period of years, we knew it was happening and although both of us kept thinking we must do something about it (as we munched on snacks and treats every night)... we did not and just continued with bad habits. Like so many others, we made New Year's resolutions to 'get fit' and 'lose weight' but nothing really came of it.

We had fallen off the wagon by the end of January every New Year. But in 2018 we were engaged, and in September 2018 I went wedding dress shopping – that for me was the trigger. The dresses were lovely but I did not feel special in any of them, I knew it had to change at that point, to feel better about myself, healthier and to have more energy to enjoy life. For Daniel his trigger was really seeing photos of himself, he avoided family pictures because he felt so deflated about how he looked and how it made him feel. Both of us had lost confidence and self-esteem.

Why did you choose Nutracheck to help you lose weight?

We both wanted something accessible, mobile and easy to use, which provided a holistic approach to lifestyle change rather than focus just on the weight loss. We did a bit of research and came across Nutracheck. Once we had tried NC for a few days, we found it so easy to use there was no looking back – we both upgraded and it's been great, that was September 2018

How did you feel before you started losing weight?

Lazy, tired, lacked any get up and go, unfit. Deflated, generally avoided social events and going out, avoided anything active that we felt we could not do or keep up with including activities with the kids (swimming etc). I even avoided rides at theme parks because I feared I would not fit.

What has keeping a food diary with Nutracheck taught you?

Food you once considered 'healthy' sometimes isn't – and portion control! Without a doubt, the biggest revelation for both of us was our portion sizes were off the scale! We did not have an excessively unhealthy diet but all food in excess still takes you over your calorie requirement. We love our food – we have just learnt what not to pile up on the plate.

What are the biggest changes you've made? Did this affect what you cook for the family?

Snacking in the evening and planning what we eat. Before we would snack all evening out of boredom whereas now we go out walking and really enjoy it.

What are your top tips for another couple considering losing weight together?

We found losing weight together so motivational. When one of us was showing signs of weakness, the other could help get us back on track. It also helped when we started walking more – we started looking forward to our evening walks because it gave us a chance to catch up about our day at work, without interruption and we were getting fitter – win win! It helped us stick at it even when one of us was having a bad couple of days – that will happen – but we always bounced back because we were in this together and wanted to support each other.

Did you decide to lose weight together or did one of you start and that spurred the other on?

I started first, but Daniel was spurred on within a couple of weeks. We were both committed and once we both started to feel healthier and energised we just went from strength to strength.

Have you tried any other diets and how did you get on?

Weight Watchers and Slimming World we have both tried previously with some success but always put the weight back on. This feels different as we are still using the app to log food and maintain our current weight – this app provides so much more with the links to Fitbit, blogs, forums for support, recipes etc – it is the whole package on an app without the need for weekly trips for weigh in!

How has you both losing weight affected your family life? (Anything you do now that you didn't do before?)

We started walking about 6 weeks in, and have really enjoyed this, in fact, we have booked to tour the Rockies in Canada for our honeymoon! This would never have been a consideration before but we are really enjoying the fitness side of a healthy lifestyle. We are running too and have entered into a race for life 10k in July with two of our sons, so we are getting the kids more active too. Daniel has entered the ballot for London Marathon next year – we run 3 or 4 times a week and it is amazing how good exercise is for mental health too.

We also don't really fry food anymore – there are so many healthier ways to cook and food tastes so much better when not greasy and fatty – all the family are benefitting!

Any other milestones to report that you're really proud of?

  1. For me losing the 4 stone – getting that bling – I haven't been size 12 since I got married the first time! Definitely since having my first son 21 years ago.
  2. Running 10k for the first time ever!
  3. Daniel – dropping 2 sizes in trousers – 36in down to 32in.
  4. Nicki – dropping 3 sizes in clothes – size 18 down to 12.
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