Steph's story

Start weight
13st 10lbs
Nutracheck weight loss
3st 7.8lbs
Current weight
10st 2.2lbs

How much weight have you lost and how long did it take?

I have lost 3st 7.8lbs49.8lbs22.5kg in total and it's taken me 6 months

What prompted your decision to lose weight?

Due to following a poor diet I was feeling very unwell, which led to me feeling extremely depressed. Also to be able to be healthy for my children.

How did you hear about Nutracheck?

Via a Google Play Store search.

Has your weight stayed fairly consistent over the years, or have you always had to manage it?

I've tried a lot of different types of diets over 10 years but never managed to lose much weight nor keep it off.

How easy was it to fit the changes you made into your lifestyle?

Very easy but I was extremely determined this time and with the help of the app it's been amazing and very easy to use.

What was the most difficult thing?

Starting, I always find starting is the hardest thing but after a week it just becomes routine.

How do you feel now compared to before?

So much healthier, and my confidence has grown so much in the past 6 months. I'm a happier mum for my children.

Any notable milestones to report?

For me my children seeing the difference in me.

What 3 tips would you give to anyone who has weight to lose?

  1. Just start don't delay.
  2. Don't worry about small slip ups.
  3. Small changes are better than nothing.
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