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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 06 Aug 12

Should I adjust my calorie intake given my lower back issue?

Hi fitness expert, I was wondering about my allowance that I have been given as I have lower back problems so do very little exercise at present. Do I reduce my intake by 200 or eat my full allowance? Thanks in advance.

Our expert says...



The calorie targets created are created with the aim for someone to be burning 200 calories a day through activity and although exercise is an excellent way to accomplish this it is not actually necessary to exercise. Calories can be burned through simple everyday activities, like going up and down stairs more often, housework, parking at the far end of the car park.


Until you find resolution for your lower back issues you can still achieve the 200 calorie a day deficit through activities you find manageable. It can even be accumulated through small adjustments throughout your day so it doesn’t seem like a stressful change for your body.


If you had to reduce your movement / everyday physical activity, then you would need to consider an adjustment to your calorie intake to counter the lack of calories burned but see what you are capable of before considering this as an option.  


Hope this helps,



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