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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 30 Aug 12

Do I need to exercise for the 200 calories everyday?

Hi, My daily calories to burn during exercise is 200. I go to the gym 5 days a week and use a heart rate monitor so know I burn about 800-900cals each time i go. However I don't go 2x per week. Do I need to exercise on these 2 days as well to burn the 200cals per day or will what I am doing be sufficient? Thanks

Our expert says...



Given your excellent exercise consistency there is no need, (unless you want to) to train 7 days out of 7 so take them as rest days to allow your body to recover and restore from your 5 good days of exercise. All I would say, however, is just make sure on the days that you do not burn the 200 calories from exercise, that you manage your nutritional intake carefully, as going over with your calorie requirements on these days would wipe out two calorie deficit days from your weekly calculation and could reduce your overall weight loss total in that week.


It is very easy on non-training days to eat the same as training days which then can take us into a positive calorie balance (weight gain) and this then detracts the benefits from our good days. I mention this as I see it all the time with clients I work with so stay aware of this and you will do very well indeed!


Hope this helps,



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