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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 01 May 12

I need some new ideas for healthy and filling breakfasts

I'm always searching for the most filling and healthy breakfast meals and I've been having eggs in all ways recently. I was wondering though if there are any alternatives, I find porridge and cereals don't fill me up so I'm a bit stuck. Is there anything else I can combine or have instead of eggs? Thanks!

Our expert says...



Thanks for your query – it’s a great idea to maximise the fill value of your brekkie!  You’ve already found that eggs are probably the number one most filling breakfast food, so they should continue to be your primary choice, though I can understand if they become a bit samey!  You could ring the changes with a frittata, or baked Scotch eggs (might just work if you use reduced fat sausage meat, and great for when you’re on the run because you can make in advance and keep in the fridge) as well as making omelettes and scrambled eggs less boring by adding tomato or mushrooms, or even a tiny bit of chorizo.


If porridge and cereal don’t work, try going for a slightly smaller portion and topping with a handful of nuts (almonds at breakfast were shown to curb hunger for longer according to a recent study).


Other options that can work well include lean bacon or a less than 5 per cent fat sausage with tomatoes. mushrooms or spinach and a slice of wholemeal toast.


Finally, Belvita biscuits are formulated with a low GI (don’t raise your blood sugar too fast, so you get steady energy), and are an option that might work well on the run.


I hope these suggestions help!


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