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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 30 May 12

Vegetarian breakfast options to keep me fuller for longer?

Hello, I am a vegetarian and every morning I have porridge. if I don�t I find I am hungry all day. Is there anything else I can eat for breakfast that will have slow release energy to keep me full?

Our expert says...

Thanks for your query.


If you need an equally filling change from porridge, I’d definitely suggest eggs – poached, boiled or scrambled with a little low fat milk. Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals, and their high protein content means that they keep you fuller longer – in studies, people who ate them for breakfast naturally reduced their calorie intake over the day.


Another suggestion is to have a breakfast cereal you enjoy  (preferably whole grain) but to add a handful of nuts. One study found that people who ate almonds  with their morning meal experienced longer feelings of fullness.


One final suggestion – how about good old beans on toast? Pulses are very stomach filing as they contain lot of soluble fibre that slows down release of sugar into your blood stream. They count as a vegetable portion and are quick and easy too!


Best wishes



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