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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 17 Feb 12

What can I snack on after dinner that won't ruin my diet?

Often after dinner, even though I am full, I still feel hungry and want to eat and this is when I tend to just eat anything, after my day of good eating, ruining everything! What would you recommend I eat? Thanks

Our expert says...

This is definitely a situation that will resonate with many readers, I’m sure!  A practical tip that works for some people is  to chew sugar free mint gun after an evening meal or to suck sugar free mints, or even just to brush teeth with minty toothpaste, take a bath and have an early night!


If your habit is hard to break, another tactic is to make sure you plan ahead for the eventuality of being unable to resist food in the evening. You can save up some calories you can use, perhaps for a treat that you really fancy.


My personal favourite tip though, is to make a low calorie juicy fruit salad  - melon pieces and raspberries perhaps - which satisfies that need to nibble without loading you with calories. It’s also really good for you and hydrating too - I sometimes think that we eat during the evening, when we are actually rather thirsty!

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