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1000s of men have used Nutracheck to achieve their weight loss goals*.

Paul lost 3st 11lbs53lbs24kg

"Two years on, I am still at or around my target weight"

Paul's story
Russell lost 5st 3lbs73lbs33.1kg

"I can walk now into a shop and pick up what I want!"

Russell's story
Ade lost 6st84lbs38.1kg

"I feel confident now, my self esteem is where it should be."

Ade's story
Gary lost 2st28lbs12.7kg

"The weight fell off - why had i left it so long to do this?"

Gary's story
Ian lost 2st 7lbs35lbs15.8kg

"My doctor has said my health checks are great now."

Ian's story
Alan lost 4st 7lbs63lbs28.5kg

"I lost 5 stone in just over 7 months and am still aiming to lose"

Alan's story
Daz lost 2st 12lbs40lbs18.1kg

"I look much younger now I've lost weight!"

Daz's story
Graham lost 1st 12lbs26lbs11.7kg

"I lost a total of 26 lbs and feel a lot healthier for it"

Graham's story
Chris lost 8st112lbs50.8kg

"Nutracheck gave me the knowledge to take that control."

Chris's story
Darren lost 7.5st103lbs47.6kg

"My sleep apnoea has gone & my blood pressure is ideal."

Darren's story

*Weight loss is individual and your personal rate of loss may vary from any case studies shown on this website.

Nutracheck can work for you

We have members of all ages and technical experience who have succeeded with Nutracheck.

And the reasons people get results with Nutracheck?

  • It's simple - you keep a food diary, we count the calories.
  • It's easy - use your mobile, tablet or PC to keep on track
  • It's quick - just 10 minutes a day
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